Genius home vs Tado

For buyers that are undecided whether smart home heating actually fits their needs, Tado looks an attractive proposition. The base system price is just £179,99, undercutting the majority of systems on the market.

Genius Home VS Tado

Tado have recently added zoning and individual TRV control to their feature list, making them a strong contender when considering a smart home heating system. Both these features are staples of the Genius home system as well, and it is extremely convenient to be able to control each room’s temperature from your phone.


The difference is that Genius home goes one step further: automatic “Footprint” mode.  


This allows you to ensure that you still save energy, even if your pattern of use changes. The system optimises energy usage by learning how you use home and adjusting the settings for each room accordingly. Genius home system outsmarts even the savviest of users to ensure that customers make the biggest savings while still feeling comfortable. No need to remember to update your heating schedule every time your lifestyle changes!


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