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As the weather turns chilly, everyone’s minds have been turning to heating – magazine editors included.  Many publications have been looking in more detail at how high-tech smart heating controls can help cut energy bills.

We’re delighted to have been mentioned in several articles from major publications recently.  They’re an interesting read, so we thought we should share them with you!


First up, Matt Egan did a hands-on review of Heat Genius for PC Advisor magazine and was impressed at how much functionality our system offers:

“Heat Genius lets you do a lot, with a relatively small amount of hardware. Between the various Eco modes, the timer, overrides and even the smart plugs this system is a true smart home system. It just needs to draw the curtains and put out the bins to have the full ‘Tomorrow’s World’ feel. I’m really impressed with Heat Genius.”

Tech Advisor did a comparision of 7 of the Best Smart Heating Controllers.

They compared our system with Heatmiser Neo, Honeywell Lyric, NetAtmo, Tado, Nest and Hive – but ultimately they decided that Heat Genius is the best you can buy and gave us 1st place!

Heat Genius is very good at a very useful thing. It is easy to use and efficient, and over time it will save you the cost of installation. And it is fairly priced… It’s a great product, and if you are looking to install a zoned smart heating system, we’re happy to recommend Heat Genius.”



According to Good to be Home, the Heat Genius system is “ideal for busy families and households as it enables you to adjust the temperature of each different room in your home, which stops you from heating rooms that you aren’t using.The smart system even detects when you open a window or door and turns your heating off, so you don’t waste energy.”

And it doesn’t end there – Heat Genius will make its TV debut later in December!  Stay tuned for more details.

Have a read of these articles and see whether Heat Genius sounds like a good option for you!

You can also find out more details by browsing our web site and if you’ve still got questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll be happy to help you!

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