Heat Genius: nothing can knock it

We like to think our system is bomb-proof, but we have to admit – we’ve never tried subjecting it to explosives.  But our customer Christine White can confirm that’s it’s lightning proof, after what happened to her home recently!

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was visiting a friend for the weekend. I left the house with some trepidation as the weather looked to be turning into quite a nasty thunderstorm. We’d had several over the previous few weeks.

I returned late on the Sunday afternoon and was surprised to find I had no television signal. Next I realised I had no hot water or heating, and the final straw was to discover I had no internet either!  My neighbours told me the next day that our little row of cottages had been hit by intense lightening; they described how frightening it had been with flame-red lightning bolts striking all around.  No home had escaped some kind of damage.

The next day I managed to get a replacement TV aerial and the engineer showed me the burn mark down the shaft which had nearly split it in two.  The massive electric shocks that had hit my house had taken out my BT fibre-optic broadband box and the motherboard on my boiler, on my computer an ethernet connection had been lost and both of my printers developed faults.   But my Heat Genius system?  That was still working fine.  As soon as I got the boiler fixed, everything just sprang into life again. What a relief!”

So there you have it: proof that Heat Genius will stay reliable, whatever happens. Though please don’t try giving your Heat Genius electric shocks, it upsets our support team!

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