Heat Genius vs. Hive

What’s good about British Gas’ Hive?
Hive Active Heating lets you remote control your heating via the web and they’ve got a funky smartphone app too. It’s from a big company (British Gas), it’s received pretty good reviews and it’s a few quid cheaper than Heat Genius. We’re sure it would save you some money off your heating bills, because it makes it easy to turn your heating off when you go out.

What’s better about Heat Genius?
Our Genius Hub offers very similar functionality to Hive; it lets you turn your boiler on and off from your smartphone or any web device. The major advantage of Heat Genius is that you can add wireless radiator valves to control individual radiators. So you can save even more energy by only heating the rooms you’re actually using.

Even better than that, you can add wireless motion sensors to enable “Footprint mode”: the system will learn when you normally use each room and schedule the radiator to come on, completely automatically!

So to put it simply: spend a few extra quid on the Genius Hub and then you’ll always have the option to upgrade your system, save more energy and have the most advanced home heating control system available.

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