Heat Genius vs. Honeywell Evohome

What’s good about the Honeywell Evohome?
International thermostat giant Honeywell have recently launched a zoned heating controller, which lets you control each radiator in your home. Honeywell claim impressive savings of up to 40% off your heating bill.

What’s better about Heat Genius?
To be honest, they’ve both got pretty similar functionality and will both save you significant amounts of energy. Heat Genius offers one big advantage, though: fully automatic operation! By adding a motion sensor in each room, the system can learn when you normally use that room and schedule the radiator to come on so that the room’s warm when you arrive.

The base system is exactly the same price as the evohome, but you’ll always have the option to add additional sensors and valves to enable the fully automatic “Footprint” mode. Sure, it’s fun to program your radiators from your phone; but if you have better things to do, Heat Genius is the system for you!

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