Installing Genius Hub: 3-bedroom house in just 3 hours

Many people are daunted by the idea of upgrading their heating system. It’s understandable really; nobody wants to suffer a mistake that results in chilly mornings and cold showers! Installing a smart heating control system sounds like it could turn into a headache of fussy boilers, leaky pipes and dodgy internet routers.

That’s why we put a huge amount of effort in making Heat Genius as effortless to install as possible. Our system has been constantly tested and improved over the last three years. We tested our earliest prototypes on unsuspecting members of our family (sorry, Mum and Dad!) Now we collect feedback from our wonderful beta test community, and from our Pro-Installers.

We recently asked our installers how long it takes them to install Heat Genius in a typical 3 bedroom property. They told us that it usually only takes 3 hours!


Here’s our Pro-Installers install Heat Genius so quickly:

  1. They plug the Genius Hub into your internet router, using the supplied Ethernet cable. It automatically connects to the Heat Genius servers – no need to change any settings. Using a cable avoids any issues with unreliable wifi connections.
  2. Replace your old thermostat with the wireless boiler controller. This part is mains voltage, so the installer will be careful to turn it off at the fusebox first!
  3. Screw the wireless TRVs onto the radiators. As long as there are manual TRVs there already, this is a straight swap – no plumbing required. The installer will literally unscrew the old ones, and screw on the new Heat Genius ones.
  4. Stick the smart sensors to the wall, using the supplied adhesive pads. The installer will mount it at chest height, in clear view of where people normally sit down, e.g. the sofa in a lounge. We normally stick them near the lightswitch, because then they’re barely noticeable.
  5. Phone Heat Genius to complete the installation. Our technical team will give your system a quick check-over to confirm everything is working correctly. That’s it, you’re done!

Our Pro-Installers are experienced, armed with clear technical documentation and our technical team is always on hand to help. Want to use your favourite heating engineer instead? No problem, just ask them to complete our easy online training programme.


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