Learning smart heating – luxury or necessity?

At first glance, heating that programs itself might seem a bit of an extravagant luxury. A ‘zoned’ system that allows you to control every room’s heating at the push of a button is already pretty convenient – much easier than running around the house twiddling manual valves! These systems also allow you to easily set up schedules to heat each room when you plan to use it.

So, if it’s already pretty easy, why spend the extra cash on ‘room sensors’ that detect when you’re using each room, so that your Heat Genius system can schedule the heating automatically?  The reason is pretty simple: heating isn’t really that exciting. So although you might be excited to fiddle with heating schedules when it’s still a novelty, there’s a slim chance you’ll remember six months down the line when your pattern changes.







That’s where Heat Genius comes into its own. Using wireless sensors, it learns when you use each room of your home and constantly adjusts your heating schedules to fit your lifestyle.

Decided to swap your normal Monday night “pizza and TV” combo for a yoga class? Heat Genius will notice the change and automatically adjust your lounge’s schedule, so you’re not wasting energy on heating an empty room.

It’s the learning feature that makes Heat Genius the only domestic zoned heating control system that’s truly “fit and forget”. You can stay safe in the knowledge you’re not wasting energy, leaving you to focus on the more exciting things on life. Isn’t that worth the extra?

Example: regularly using a specific room later than usual ????

  • cooking longer: heat the dining room later
  • started watching movies / new series, every monday night
  • Using the dining room instead of eating in front of TV
  • Yoga on wednesday nights instead of watching TV – don’t

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