Our MD speaks to Cornwall

It was a great pleasure to be speaking live on air with presenter Andy Coote on his Thank Source it’s Friday show last Friday (5th November) morning at around 11am.

Tune in to Source FM 96.1 each week to listen to topical discussions. When I was with Andy we discussed our award winning Genius Hub wireless heating control system, how it can cut your heating bills, reduce your carbon footprint and increase your comfort.

This is a great place to start if your thinking about installing heating controls. On the show I talk about the types of building that are suitable, the costs and payback, available grants (Genius Hub now has Carbon Trust Accreditation), how the Genius Hub system can save money for both Domestic and Commercial customers and how Genius Hub continues to support its customers post installation.

Andy, a writer from Penryn,Β is not only a presenter at Source FM, he is also Chair of Falmouth Business Club. He is heavily involved with networking with local businesses.

I thank Andy for the opportunity to join him and I look forward to spending more time in Cornwall over the coming months with the various projects that are soon to start.

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