New version of the Heat Genius app released

We’ve been beavering away on the Heat Genius app, adding some neat little features and ironing out a few niggles.  To use the new features all you need to do is quit the app and then launch it and log in again, you’ll then get all these features automatically – we just thought we’d let you know what’s new.New features for easier scheduling

  • Adjust your whole house from one screen
    • Heading out? Just go to the ‘whole house’ page to turn down the temperature for the whole house or selected rooms of your choice. And of course, you can also use this to turn the heating up before you get home.
  • All off
    • Now you can turn the heating off for the whole house at the touch of a button on the whole house page – then restore the rooms when you come home and they’ll go back into the mode they were in before.
  • Select All & Copy
    • You told us that the tick boxes for copying the times from one day to another (or copying the schedule from one week to another) were fiddly to select when you’re using a smartphone. So we’ve now made it so that you can also select the text to choose the days of the week or the rooms that you want to select. You can also click “select all” to copy all of the days or rooms.
  • You can now click on a day to add a new heating period
    • When you’re setting up the timers, you can now just click on the active day and this will automatically add a new time period, so you don’t have to scroll further down the page to tap the add new heating period button.
Other new and improved features
  • Edit logon details now straight from the app, under the cogs button
    • You can now edit your logon details straight from the app if you want to change your username or password.  Look for this under the cogs icon.
  • Oops, we broke the bug report facility!
    • And we thought we weren’t getting any messages because everything was perfectly bug-free 😉  We’ve fixed it now, so let us have your feedback by clicking the option under the cogs button – we’ll get straight on the case.
We’re already working on some exciting new features – we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready!– The Heat Genius Team

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