Does your boiler make rattling noises, or are your radiators cold at the bottom?

These are signs that your central system might be suffering from a buildup of iron oxide ‘sludge’.  This happens because radiators corrode internally, over time.  The corrosion will move around your central heating pipes and can really affect the energy efficiency of your boiler.  The solution is to clean and drain your system, for example by getting it  “powerflushed”.  This your system makes sure that your radiators heat up properly, and that your boiler is performing at top efficiency, cutting your bills.

Of course, if you’re boiler’s not an efficient model then there’s only so much that cleaning can achieve.  It might be worth considering getting a new condensing boiler installed.  If you’re in receipt of certain benefits and have a boiler that’s over 8 years old, you might be eligible for a free boiler under the “ECO” scheme.  Even if you’re not, it could still be a sound investment.

Why not get these things done to your heating system at the same time as installing intelligent heating controls?  We’ll send out a qualified plumber to install the system, and they’ll be able to do any other work you need at the same time.  You only pay for the extra work, not for any call-out charges, so it can work out much cheaper – especially as we’re currently offering free installation!  Just give a member of our friendly team a call on the number below and they’ll be happy to get a quote for you.

Making sure your system is well maintained, efficient and intelligently controlled ensure’s it’s giving you maximum comfort with the minimum of energy cost – so seize the spring and use the mild weather to get ready for whatever next winter brings!

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