Did you see us on The Gadget Show?

Google ChromeScreenSnapz011Did you catch us on Channel 5 television this evening?  We were featured on The Gadget Show, as part of their feature on the latest and greatest automated home technology.

Missed the show? You can watch it online – you’ll see us near the beginning.


Our favourite gadget on the show: TopBrewer

Our programmers’ dreams have come true: coffee on tap!

Alongside us in the Gadget Show smart home was TopBrewer, the first professional bean-to-cup machine you can control from your smart phone or tablet.
There’s some funky technology inside, but the end result is actually really simple: adjust the sliders on the app, hit the button and a few seconds later, your favourite brew pours out of the spout!

It’s also a lot more energy efficient than other coffee machines, because instead of keeping a water reservoir hot all the time, it uses a “flash heater” to heat the water on demand.  The water then travels just 5cm into the brewing chamber, meaning it doesn’t lose heat to its surroundings.

Find out more about the TopBrewer

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