The Top 5 Energy Saving Technologies for under £500

Did you know, the average house spends £1,264 a year on their gas and electric bills?*

According to an Ofgem study in 2013, energy bills are rising at a faster rate than household income!

Here are new innovative ways, from five different companies, to reduce your bills and save you pounds – without the hassle of switching suppliers or looking for better deals.

*(Source: BBC)


Energy saving technologies

The bright and beautiful English summer has just sprung upon us and everyone is keen to get outside, light the barbeque and crack open a couple of beers.

Then before you know it festive money-sucking Christmas lights will decorate your home, the central heating will be on the rise and so will your bills.

So it’s time to introduce the top five energy saving products, all for under £500, so you can stress less about your bills and more about what to buy your loved ones at Christmas.

You can start by simply changing the lamps in your home from incandescent to LED light bulbs and you will easily save incredible amounts of energy and money.

‘Megaman UK,’ have extended their LED series to include a new range called ‘IncandaLED,’ a new and innovative range, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, features a direct replacement for incandescent lights.

They have all the aesthetics of a traditional bright and luminescent lamp but cut maintenance cost, power consumption and reduce heat emissions.

The bulbs last 50,000 hours and save you up to 80% on your energy bills!

So now you can look towards a brighter future with

Being able to monitor your energy usage is definitely effective in helping to save you money.

‘Efergy Energy’ has a wide range of energy saving products, so you can manage your usage and reduce unnecessary costs.

Their wireless electricity monitors help you to understand, presently and historically, exactly how much energy you are using and the price you will pay.

By purchasing the engage kit for just under £60, you can view your home energy consumption anytime, anywhere!

Efergy also sell energy monitoring plug sockets which are managed by a remote control – perfect for hard to reach plugs such as microwaves, TVs and computers – saving you time, effort, electricity and money.

For more information about Efergy’s effective and cheap product range, please visit

If you’re really passionate about energy saving, or you’d just like to see those pounds pile up in your bank account, rather than on your bills, you shouldn’t hesitate to check out

They provide a huge variety of energy efficient products; from kitchen appliances, entertainment technology to energy saving lighting and even cars! So you can live cost effectively all year round.

Their website enables you to view and compare the prices of products and find out how much each one will save you.

You could save £100’s per year, resulting in you reducing 1000’s kg of CO2! Sust-it is simply efficient shopping.

There are washing machines to suit every mother’s needs and TV’s to keep your children occupied – so you can keep the family home going for hours – without the extra cost.

When it comes to our energy bills, 25% of the cost is easily leaked through the roofs and walls in our homes, simply by heat escaping.

But I bet you didn’t know sheep are useful for preventing that from happening.

Now I don’t mean that you should go out and kidnap a bunch of sheep from local farms, to insulate your home!

I’m talking about ‘Chimney Sheep,’ a low tech and quirky way of insulating your chimney, to keep the heat inside – perfect for big old Victorian houses that get cold very easily.

The product, made from 100% Herdwick wool, from sheep who have thick coats, works by being a little bit bigger than the flue, so it can grip onto the sides and hold itself in place.

Visit to stop your money from escaping through your chimney.

Keeping the heat in is one thing but constantly heating your whole house is a waste, especially if some rooms aren’t used as much as others.

With the Heat Genius system you can monitor your heat through the app on your smartphone (or any web device) and effectively save £250 per year!

The product works by replacing your existing thermostat with the supplied Heat Genius boiler controller to manage your heating.

‘Footprint Mode’ schedules your heating automatically and the digital thermostat learns when you normally use a particular room in the house to ensure the radiator is turned off for the rest of the time.

It even knows how long the room takes to warm up so it can start to preheat ready for your arrival.

Now that’s what I call a warm welcome!

Check out for more intelligent information.

There are no more excuses as to why you can’t enjoy all four seasons with these products.

Think about it, by purchasing any of the above products now you can save extra money to put towards the bank-rinsing Christmas period or that wonderful holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t be an energy saving sceptic – put your house on the energy efficient diet now and watch your bills shrink!

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