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Every company will tell you that their product is great – and we’re no exception!  We truly believe that Heat Genius is a great way to save energy and bring your heating bills under control, by only heating each room when you need it.

But hey, we’re biased.  Wouldn’t you rather hear direct from one of our customers, and hear what their experience of Heat Genius has been?

Our customer Adam Burgess spoke to technology review site Recombu.  He told them that Heat Genius has helped him control his heating more effectively, making his home more comfortable without using loads of energy:

“The problem I had was that I couldn’t get control of my heating with just the thermostatic radiator valves that were here when I bought the house.  One room was too cold while another was too warm, and the boiler was struggling too, because I have a small boiler…

I’m using Heat Genius to finally gain control and ensure that the costs stay low.”

Watch the video and read the review on Recombu.com

Would you like a bit more technical detail?  You’ll find plenty in the wonderfully extensive article that our customer Johannes Jensson wrote for Automated Home:

“I installed my own system – yes it took me much longer than it would take a professionally trained HG installer because I had to read the instructions manual first. Still, I found the system can be installed quickly and easily.

Measuring the use of gas when operating with the new Heat Genius TRV Controllers I estimate that I am now saving somewhere between 43-46%. This might sound a lot but it is as near as I can work it out. My house was well insulated to start with, but buying the Heat Genius System is still one of the best investments I’ve made. People with poorly insulated homes should save even more.”

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