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How smart is the Genius Radiator Valve?

The Genius Radiator Valve really is at the heart of the Genius Hub smart heating system. Without it you may as well have bought a Nest or Hive, because all you really have is a fancy thermostat. The Genius Radiator Valve takes your heating from being just a smart thermostat to a true smart heating system where you can control the heat in each individual room – not just the whole house. 

Imagine if your electrician said “I’m done. I’ve fitted your new lights and there is just one switch in the hall, it turns all the lights in the house on or off”. This is what you have with a smart thermostat like Nest or Hive – a single control for turning the heating on or off. To get real control, energy savings and cost savings you need a full smart heating system like Genius.

Let’s find out how smart the Genius Radiator Valve really is…

Genius Software

The valve itself is made by world renown heating manufacturing company Danfoss so is highly reliable and due to our special relationship with them they install our Genius software onto each of the valves for us. Our software is where the magic happens, with the brains in the Hub we can get information back from each valve and make intelligent decisions about the setting for each valve. This happens automatically for you as the Genius Hub learns how hot you like each room and how long each room takes to heat up and cool down.

Temperature Control

The Genius Valve has so much more control than a regular Thermostatic Radiator Valve which typically allows you to turn it between off, and 1 – 5. The Genius Radiator Valve has 49 individual temperature settings between 4C and 28C degrees. This means that it can tweak the temperature to get it just right.

Dual Thermostats

Unlike most radiator thermostats the Genius Radiator Valve has not one but two thermometers in it so it can measure the temperature in different places. One which measures the temperature of the water (against the pin of the valve) and another temperature sensor measuring the air temperature behind the screen at the top. Not only is this unique, it is genius because it means it is not measuring just the heat of the water like most do it is also measuring a little further away which gives a more realistic room temperature. Using measurements from both of its thermometers means it can be more accurate.

Open Window Detection

The Genius Radiator Valve features an ‘open-window’ function, which closes the valve if the room temperature is falling dramatically, thus reducing the wasted heat if the app is set to heat a room but a window is then opened.

The heat is turned off to the valve for up to 30 minutes before the valve returns to its original settings. When open-window has been activated, the function is then left for 45 minutes before it can be activated again.

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