Working with professionals at Mode Hotel Lytham is great!


Not one but two… Andrew already has the Genius Hub in his very smart Mode Hotel in Lytham St Annes, and now the Genius Hub is going into his second hotel which is just finishing a major refurbishment down the road in Lytham.

The Mode Hotel in Lytham St Annes is no ordinary hotel, owner Andrew Whitaker realises the importance of the latest technology to make the guests experience easier and more memorable. 

When you check into this sea front hotel offering great views of the sea and promenade, you’ll not only get a wonderfully warm welcome from Anna, but you will find in your hotel room your very own smartphone which you can use during your stay at the hotel. It helps you to find out information about the area on a designated website, you can use it to take photos and you can even email friends from it. 

You are not limited to only using this in the room neither, it has a mobile SIM so you can take it with you down the beach or into town, and if anyone calls the hotel for you it is forwarded directly to the room phone, in your pocket or hand bag wherever you are!

When it comes to the rooms then there are our smart valves to make sure that the room is at just the right temperature when the guests arrive. If guests boost the heating when they are in the room and forget to turn the radiator down again, then rather than come back to a sauna, as like with traditional heating systems the smart TRVs will turn down after a pre-set time so guests come back into a room at just the right temperature again.

With the occupancy detection Andrew knows that the rooms will be heating when the guests arrive and will drop to a cooler temperature when they head out into the town or for a bracing walk along the seafront in the winter months, saving valuable energy and improving the guest experience at the same time.

What’s been great about working on this project is working with professional Hotel Design consultants Joel Firth from Firth Architects and also Tom Bailey from Bailey Engineering. Getting into the design early has meant that the cost of installation is kept to a minimum as only the right control is added first time, and when calculating the ‘unders and overs’ for Genius Hub verses basic controls (that give little if no savings) it makes the payback on a Genius Hub system all the more attractive.

From an installation perspective all of the Electric Switches controlling the dual fuel towel radiators can be flush mounted easily with no surface boxes to be seen, this makes for a really smart installation, costing less and looking excellent.

The hotel is being handed over to Andrew in the first week of May 2019 so be sure to visit it if you’re up in Lytham this summer, it over looks the square and is a 2 minute walk from the sea front.

If you are planning a renovation project then it pays to let us know early about it so that we can help with the design of the heating system you’re planning. Send us over any drawings we have so that we can give you a cost comparison for some Genius control. Contact me directly at or call the office on 0121 667 8000 and ask to speak to one of the sales team.

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