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We at Genius Hub have released a new How to Buy webpage with some easy steps on how to obtain an accurate quote for your property. With every home having different features it can sometimes be difficult to workout what kit is needed when creating a quote for a Genius Hub system. That is why we have created 2 easy steps to follow when looking to purchase a Genius Hub system. This contains questions you will need to think about when designing a Genius Hub. You can discuss these with your heating engineer or use one of our heating experts, registered on our new Installer Map.

Step 1: 

We have included 5 questions which can help you on your way when first deciding what items you may require when quoting for a Genius Hub system. From answering these questions it will help you build a quote from the base of what receiver unit you are likely to need all the way through to whether you would like the capability of using occupancy detection through your Genius Hub system.

Step 2:

Once you have all of the answers to the questions set out in Stage 1 we recommend moving onto Step 2. This is where you have two separate choices of what to do. You can use our Create your System tool where you can build your quote. We highly recommend this choice if you know what you need and the specific design you require for your property. You may also want to choose this step if you already have an installer in mind who would install the Genius Hub system for you.

Alternatively you can Contact an Installer. This will refer you directly to our Installer Map where you can find a Genius Hub registered installer in your local area who you can contact for a quote and to discuss your project. All of our Registered Installer have completed our Genius Hub Training course to ensure they have the skills required to complete the installation.

Why use a Registered Installer?


Use an installer who knows about Smart Heating systems to ensure the installation is quicker and there is no need for a revisit to fix any problems. The installer knows how each of the devices is installed, how to log onto the system, and run through the commissioning checks for you.

Save Hassle

You may want extra work carried out at the same time as the installation, which our registered Installer will be able to help with. This could include moving radiators, servicing your boiler or swapping radiator valves to compatible models.

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