Preparing for Winter - Discount Extended


September marks the start of autumn so now is the time to contact us about the heating improvements you were discussing back in spring but put off until next winter. Genius Hub have been busy during the lockdown integrating not one but three new components into the system. One product in particular is for our new and growing number of underfloor heating customers. This new thermostat controls both electric underfloor heating and also wet underfloor heating, with built in temperature overheat protection for the floor.

As smart homes become more common, Genius Hub understand that though we want homes to be smart we’re also happy with our traditional looking light switches, thermostats, and plug sockets and for this part we help homes become smart ‘behind the scenes’ by releasing devices that can be tucked out of the way out of sight, creating a smart home that is energy efficient and can be controlled by your phone but can maintain a traditional, uncomplicated and simple look.

Genius Hub offer this new Powered Room Thermostat which can control up to (3.6 kW, about 20 square meters) of electric underfloor heating, and can protect the floor from overheating with its integrated floor probe connection. The Powered Room Thermostat can also be used to control wet underfloor heating for sensitive floor coverings such as engineered wood, vinyl or a laminate floor. The Powered Room Thermostat is on sale and we’ve extend the discount for another two weeks.

If you are thinking about underfloor heating but have been put off by the cost and disruption of digging up the floor, get in touch with JK floorheating. Because of how JK lay the pipes into the existing floor, the final floor covering can sit just above the pipes with little to no increase in floor height and this makes for a very responsive system, especially when it is controlled by the Genius Hub. This works really well with the occupancy detection – automatically bringing the heating up to a comfort temperature when you enter the room. We are happy to promote how well JK works with Genius Hub because we have tuned our smart algorithms to work perfectly with the JK underfloor response times, and no other underfloor system is as easy to retrofit into an existing home and will respond as quickly as the JK floorheating.

Our new Genius Motion Sensor allows for use of  occupancy detection for controlling the likes of outside lights as the nights draw in or to give you better control of the heating of your rooms. This little device can be added into a room with radiators, lights, underfloor heating or electric heating, so you can use our sense mode  or in between Sense and footprint mode there is a carriage return allowing the system to cleverly only heat rooms when they are used, or learn when rooms are used and create a heating schedule for you. These discrete little devices are easy to add to your Genius Hub and can be located in a room up high, or even in a porch to pick up someone walking up to a property to trigger internal or external lights to come on.

Finally there is our new Electric Relay. This is something that can be used to control an electrical load (2.4 kW), and has been designed for controlling lights or electric heaters, so it’s ideal for things like LED outside lights, heated towel rails or kickspace heaters. This is the perfect solution where you want something that you can tuck out of the way as they come with a single surface mount pattress (similar to a single light switch) and blank faceplate.

If you missed our latest webinar you can learn all about and see the new components with our director Alasdair telling you in detail about how each component works. He also discusses the details of pre-heat for those who wanted to know just how that part of the system works with a more technical explanation.

0:01:16 Wireless Motion Sensor 

0:12:05 Electric Relay

0:23:00 Powered Room Thermostat

0:47:12 Deep Dive into Preheat