Is your HUB up to date?

The latest app and hub software is 5.4.0 and this is going into testing this week with our ‘beta’ testers. This will be available to all customers in mid October. This is the result of 12 months of work and testing for our hub team with a lot of the work going into the reliability of the main system processes running on your hubs. This hasn’t stopped us packing in some new features though, and we’ve listened to the feedback from our user forum and added in the features people have been asking for, so they can tweak the heating to get the most from the efficiency of control Genius Hub gives them.

You will see the update (blue i icon) appear within your app if you don’t have the latest firmware on your Genius Hub, make sure you upgrade to the new improved hub software before winter starts.



The new features include being able to change the frost protect temperature – useful for those who want to be able to shut the system off from the home page ‘power’ icon when they leave the property for extended periods of time, but also want to be able to customise the temperature that each room shuts down to. 

The main back end improvement is the second part of the re-write to the communication driver, which will improve the battery life of the devices as well as improve the reliability of the wireless communication. This will prevent or at least significantly reduce the chances of spurious overrides reported by some customers, as the new hub software will process the messages back from the devices faster as well as improved filtering out any rogue messages.


Other improvements include; bug fixes to the displaying of zone status when in sense mode, correcting the chart axis for on/off zones, improving the Android accessibility font sizes, correcting some of the theme display bugs and fixing some of the links in the app user manual on iOS. We’ve been sure to go through the app trouble shooting wizard too and added in any missing solutions as well as adding in all of the required support for the new devices we’ve released this winter.


Don’t forget that in this app we’ve built help videos into the app doctor too. When you’re in the app doctor you will see videos stepping you through the process, from helping you to add new devices to your Genius Hub to helping you remove a stubborn Genius Radiator Valve from a radiator.


You have to upgrade your HUB to benefit from these improvements.


As always we’re not stopping there and for a full list of what we’re working on short and long term please see our R&D Roadmap and our Change Log.


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