Getting the Most from your Underfloor Heating

If you have underfloor heating in your home already or are thinking about it, then Genius Hub should be your first point of contact for the control of underfloor heating. If you have a Genius Hub already then it makes sense to bring the control of your radiators and underfloor heating all under one app as it’s all under one roof.

Genius Hub have teamed up with JK floor heating and developed a new Powered Room Thermostat which will be on trial this summer up to the end of August. 

Because the JK floorheating system  works so well with the occupancy detection – automatically bringing the heating up to a comfort temperature when you enter the room, for the very best energy savings, we are happy to promote how well JK works with Genius Hub. We have tuned our smart algorithms to work perfectly with the JK underfloor response times, and no other underfloor system is as easy to retrofit into an existing home and will respond as quickly as the JK floorheating. Because of how the pipes are laid into the floor the final floor covering can sit just above the pipes with little to no increase in floor height and this makes for a very responsive system, especially when it is controlled by the Genius Hub.

Because of this strong relationship Genius Hub are releasing this new Powered Room Thermostat which can also protect any sensitive floor coverings such as engineered wood or a laminate floor. The new Genius Powered Room Thermostat  can be supplied with a floor probe to go next to the water pipes for wet (hydronic) underfloor heating (or electric matting for electric underfloor heating) giving your floor the protection it needs from possible overheating.

The Powered Room Thermostat will go on sale in September officially, we still have a few limited slots available if you want to be a ‘Beta Tester’ of this product, if you are interested please get in touch.

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