Winter tips for your Genius Hub

As Winter is upon us we understand that it is the most important time of the year not only for festivities and cheer but also for the quality of your heating system. We at Genius Hub are passionate about providing the best smart heating system on the market. Here are some tips for how you can use your Genius Hub system to its maximum potential this winter.

1. Update your heating schedules – Over this festive period you are more than likely to be in the house more than ever, ‘unless you have been working from home’. So ensure that your heating periods are updated so you and your family are kept warm this winter. To do this just head to our app and select ‘Timer Mode’ then update your schedule to match your festive calendar. Using our ‘Copy’ schedule facility it will mean within a few clicks you can ensure your family are comfortable this Winter.

Top view of Genius Motion Sensor

2. Use Occupancy Detection – During the winter it is popular to use a range of festive lights, whether these are wrapped round  a Christmas Tree, over a fireplace or your standard room lights. Why not control these via occupancy detection? As a bit of fun the lights could only turn on when you are in the room, or you can set them to turn off when you’re watching the blockbuster movies over Christmas. Our Genius Room Sensor or Genius Motion Sensor can perfectly detect when you or your family members enter your lounge or dining room giving you the opportunity to show off your wonderfully decorated Christmas tree! We recommend creating a zone such as ‘Christmas Tree’, assigning either your Genius Room or Motion Sensor to this zone and setting overrides to 2 hours. In 3 easy steps you can transform your Festive Lights and Decorations to be smart.

3. Connect Alexa – If you have Alexa at home or you are lucky enough to be gifted an Amazon Alexa this Christmas we highly recommend you connect your Alexa to your Genius Hub system. This will let you control your heating with your voice. For those moments when your hands are full of Christmas Presents or too many shopping bags from the Boxing Day sales you can simply ask ‘Alexa, set the Lounge to 22 degrees’ or ‘Alexa turn the Hallway lights on’. It is really that easy to control your Genius Hub this Winter!

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