What's new with Alexa?

As you may already know the Genius Hub works with Amazon’s Alexa and we’ve run some demo’s online for how to set up Alexa on your Genius Hub.

If you prefer using a more customisable tool to link your Genius Hub to other smart things on your home, then we also have a webinar piece on IFTTT which you can use to connect  Google Assistant to your Genius Hub.

Sticking with the Alexa theme here, we have been doing some digging and looking at the other helpful and amusing things that Alexa can do around the home.

We thought that we’d include some of our favourites into this blog so you can see our thoughts on the top 5 things that you can do with your Alexa – as well as using it with Genius Hub to turn on the lamp on your landing of course.

1 – When you’re away this summer use the “Alexa, open Burglar Deterrent” to help ward off any people possibly snooping on your property.

2 – With the lockdown easing it’s now much easier to exercise outside, but Alexa still has some ideas of things you can do indoors with “Alexa, how do I keep fit at home?

3 – If you have young children and worry about a sudden noise in the house disturbing them when they are just nodding off to sleep, you can try “Alexa, open White Noise” to create some background noise to calm them.

4 – As the summer holidays role on anyone with young children will be looking for anything to keep the children amused for another 30minutes. Try “Alexa, what can I do with the kids at home?” to help come up with entertaining things to do with the children in between trips to the park.

5 – Finally, to help with those tricky Trivial Pursuit or pub quiz questions try “Alexa, give me the fact of the day” to give you the edge at the next picnic in the park or meeting up with friends or family.

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