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So you already know that the Genius Hub is the most sophisticated of the smart heating controls – learning when each individual room of your house is used and continuously updating your heating schedule to match, but did you know what the best smart cameras and security systems are?

Read what Forbes Advisor Rachel Wait has to say on the subject of Energy saving and security for your home.Β 

The clever thing here is to connect the smart camera or security system to IFTTT and then use that to trigger lights in your home to come on when someone is detected.

See our director Alasdair discussing IFTTT and how to set this up here.

Imagine how if you simply add a camera to your home you can now use your existing Genius Hub to turn on a smart plugΒ upstairs with a lamp plugged into it, so it appears that someone is just getting up to see who is at the door when the camera spots someone outside.

Alternatively, people are also purchasing our little Genius Motion SensorsΒ to be installed in porches to look out on a driveway and then using the Electric Relays to turn on outside lights automatically when movement is sensed, as well as also being able to control the outside lights from the Genius Hub app using IFTTT at sunset and sunrise.

Don’t forget the other reviews from Matt Egan from Tech advisor – full review of the systemΒ here.Β  He has it installed into his own home and he’s lived with it along with his family for many years. Or David Ludlow’s appraisal of the system from Trusted Reviews here.

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