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The future of heating with Genius Hub

We’re reflecting on how you will be heating your homes in the future.

Many of you will have noticed the Genius Hub push in the summer of 2020 to release more components that control electric heating. This is because we see a big shift in building control and the government legislation to promote the installation of electric heating over gas central heating.

Preempting this shift into more electric heating in properties, we have recently been developing and releasing more products in the Genius Hub family that control electric heating. These include our all new Powered Room Thermostat and our all new Electric Relays.

The Powered Room Thermostat will give control of anything from electric underfloor heating, to electric space heating, to electric Infrared panels.

This new Powered Room Thermostat can control up to (3.6 kW, about 20 square meters) of electric underfloor heating, and can protect the floor from overheating with its integrated floor probe connection. The Powered Room Thermostat can also be used to control wet underfloor heating for sensitive floor coverings such as engineered wood, vinyl or a laminate floor.

This is a versatile device as it can also be used to control electric space heaters as well as infrared panels. With its built in PID control it is an easy to use device that you can either walk up to on the wall to adjust the temperature in the room (if you don’t want to use the app), or you can pull out the app and give the heating a boost from anywhere.

Not stopping there we also released our new Electric Relay. This is something that can be used to control an electrical load (2.4 kW), and has been designed for controlling electric heaters, so it’s ideal for things like Infrared heating panels or Infrared heated mirrors to take the chill out of your bathrooms. It doesn’t stop there though; you can also use them for heated towel rails, small electric space heaters, kick space heaters, or even outside lights. This is the perfect solution where you want something that you can tuck out of the way as they come with a single surface mount pattress (similar to a single light switch) and blank faceplate.

For the heating of your homes we have teamed up with the UK manufacturer Jigsaw Infrared. They have a new range of beautiful custom infrared heaters which work very well with Genius Hub controls as well as providing an attractive heating solution for any room. 

We are proud to be working with Jigsaw as their panels are manufactured in Britain (Yorkshire to be more precise) and they conform to the highest manufacturing and safety standards. This range of very high quality, high efficiency heaters is an excellent choice when it comes to heating either a whole house or perhaps just an extra room in a new extension. Working from home in the shed at the bottom of the garden… this could be just the ticket to stop those frozen hands tapping on that keyboard.

Being made in the UK means you can also get custom panels faster, be that an infrared mirror to exactly match the wall in your bathroom, or an image printed onto an infrared panel with no reduction in heat output, which can be a problem for companies applying images after the manufacturing process.


Get in touch with Jigsaw directly for any of your Infrared heating needs, and they will be happy to ensure you choose the right heater for your home which will also work with your Genius Hub.

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