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The Belfry Hotel





Surrounded by over 500 acres of rolling countryside, the world renowned Belfry Hotel & Resort offers luxurious meeting and events rooms, guest bedrooms and suites, restaurant bars, a nightclub, a luxury Spa and Health Club and of course amazing golf. Jacklin House was chosen for a pilot of the Genius Hub because it has consistently high occupancy levels and as such would be a rigorous test for the Genius Hub system and as a result would potentially show the lowest savings.

The world renowned Belfry Hotel & Resort were looking for a low cost and effective energy saving measure that could be easily retrofitted to the buildings across the resort, with little or no disruption to the occupants of the building, and would not only reduce the cost of heating but also improve the heating levels for guests.

As part of this installation of the Genius Hub a full Monitoring and Verification report was carried out to analyse the heat data provided by The Belfry Hotel for ‘before’ and ‘after’ the installation. This was to determine the energy saved as a result of installing the Genius Hub system used to control the temperature of the bedrooms in Jacklin House. This building is of modern construction with wet radiators in each room and frequently runs at high occupancy often above 95%.

The Monitoring and Verification report found an average saving of 64% when comparing the original heating schedule with an occupancy based schedule over the trial period of 10 weeks. The trial consisted of alternating the heating schedule between ‘Timer Mode’ – where rooms are heated regardless of occupancy – and ‘Sense Mode’ – where only occupied rooms are heated. The mode of the heating was alternated for the first 4 weeks, spending 2 weeks in Timer Mode and 2 weeks in Sense Mode, and was then left in Sense Mode for the next 6 weeks.

This test was carried out between 27th November 2019 – 5th February 2020. During the period of the trial it was reported that the number of complaints regarding the heating in Jacklin House reduced compared to before the Genius Hub was installed.

The guest rooms are of modern cavity wall construction with double glazing and the rooms had manual Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) before they were changed for wireless Genius Radiator Valves. No plumbing was required as part of the installation so each room took only 30 minutes (approx.) to change to ‘smart’ control. The monitoring of the heat being supplied to the building during the trial was by a fiscal quality heat meter.

We interviewed the head of maintenance at the hotel and this is what he had to say about Genius Hub.


What were the main considerations before purchasing?
As an award winning 4* hotel, guest satisfaction was of key importance and the energy savings really only come as a bonus. We have demanding guests who expect everything to be perfect with their stay with us, and we cannot have a situation where there are any problems with the temperatures in the guest rooms.

Was there anything you were concerned about?
Yes, we have full BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) controlling all of our 13 plant rooms, but we lacked experience with this sort of system. It’s important that we can diagnose an issue with the hotel’s systems as quickly as possible so reception can let the guest know something is being done about it. With the BEMS system we can do that for the boiler plant, and we were hoping that Genius Hub will allow us to do that for the rooms. We realise now that it gives us a lot more information about the rooms than we were expecting.

What were your first impressions of Genius Hub?
The whole company was very professional and they came across well. The engineer explained well what we were getting and how it would be used by the guests and the maintenance team here at the hotel. We chose to block off the individual floors for the engineers from Genius Hub which was appreciated by them, but we realised now that this was not really necessary, the installation went really smoothly and was less disruptive than expected, in fact it was completely trouble free with no disruption to the day to day running of the hotel at all. We also expected more snagging and more of the valve bodies to cause problems as we chose to keep all of the old radiators and valves, but again this was something that caused less issues than we were expecting and didn’t end up adding extra cost to the system.

How much can Genius Hub cut your heating bill?
In the proposal we received from the salesman they predicted the standard 30% savings, however as we plan to potentially roll this out across the site we wanted to know for sure what it would be. We paid for a heat meter to be installed which gave us 30 minute heat energy usage for this block and we installed this onto the pipework in the plant room. We then ran tests over 10 weeks to compare what the energy use was like in a ‘before’ and ‘after’ individual room control situation. We were extremely pleased to calculate that the Genius Hub has saved us 64% off our heating costs meaning that the system has about a 2 year payback on the cost of installation.


What do you like about the Genius Hub system?
The remote control and monitoring is key to us, we now have the ability to look at the heating history on the charts for each individual room. Now when a customer says that there was a problem with the temperature in their room, we have evidence of any given day what was actually happening in a room.

This significantly reduces confrontation for reception and the number of refunds we have to give out for rooms. We can control and schedule each room which means we don’t have to rely on the housekeepers resetting the TRVs (Radiator Valves) back to 3 all of the time, when they’d often forget, and now they can work in the rooms at a cooler temperature so they are pleased with that too.

What are your staff’s impressions of the Genius Hub?
Reception is the first point of contact for any guest, and the feedback from reception about the Genius Hub has been excellent. They have said to us that once they have explained to the guest that they have adjusted the heating in their room whilst they were on the phone, the instant resolution for the guests is priceless for guest satisfaction.

The only thing that caught them out initially was reception needed to learn to also tell the guest that they are doing it remotely and no one was actually going to visit the room to adjust the heating!

What’s been your experience with Genius Hub overall?
Simple. You get what you are sold and it exceeded our expectations!

How do you use the system?
I do use the app on the phone as I’m not always in the office, we also have it on the designated BEMS computer in the office. I can log on easily when I’m home if there is a problem saving me to have to come to site.

We have a WhatsApp group where I can help remotely if there is a problem that’s not being resolved quickly and it just gives me another bit of visibility of what’s going on in the hotel when I’m not there. When comparing it to using the BEMS it is easy. We like the built in troubleshooter in the app and we’ve managed to fix most issues without having to phone Genius Hub for help. We’ve certainly not had to call anyone out to site in the first 5 months since the installation.

We are now looking to role it out across other parts of the site, the gas consumption has been dramatically reduced and guest complaints have gone down for this part of the site too, so it has given us all that we wanted and a lot more besides, we’d definitely  recommend Genius Hub to others.

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With a variety of rooms and suites to choose from, the Belfry is the perfect destination for any occasion. They’re ideal for weekend breaks, business stays, and spa and golf weekends in the heart of Britain.
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Driftwood Spars





Six months after the installation of the Genius Hub controls at the Driftwood Spars Hotel, and in slightly warmer weather it was time to go back to see Louise Treseder (owner) and Keith Tyack (manager), at their boutique hotel set just down on the beach below Saint Agnes in North Cornwall.

As the project manager of their installation, I asked them how they had got on since the installation, as I was eager to hear about how this remote hotel had managed with such advanced smart heating control since all they had before was four time clocks controlling two large modern Worcester Bosch gas boilers. Before we set foot on site they were not exactly sure which time clock did which part of the hotel so this was a big step into the 21st century for controls.

Taking a step back to try and understand their motivations, and why they went for Genius Hub in the first place, I asked them why smart heating controls? Keith, the manager of the business who drives one of the hotel’s Electric Vehicles (a Nissan Leaf), was quick to point out; ‘It is about sustainability and we know the energy costs are going to go up and up, and before we looked at recycling we wanted to reduce the energy usage of the building.’

He continued, ‘We found Genius Hub after a lot of time looking online – we were looking for a key card system for the electric locks and came across the Genius Hub website. We choose Genius Hub because of the professionally of the company, it was great that we had a visit from one of their engineers who showed us what we could save. It was a bit more bespoke for our site not just a generic domestic solution like Nest or Hive.’

One of the things that was important in the decision to go with Genius Hub was that the hotel was quite unique, having two separate buildings with two plant rooms, and they needed to make sure that it was going to work all as one system. The cost was also important, so the fact that Genius Hub could split the payments down and spread them over two years helped a lot too.

I also wanted to know what their initial concerns were, safe in the knowledge that hopefully this was now a thing of the past, Keith told me that his greatest concern was ‘making sure that it would work. The fact that the Carbon Trust supports the product was key to making this decision.

The reason why we went for it was because it would help reduce our energy costs for the business, with the monthly payments for the system being less than the savings we make on gas each month, as well of course, as improving our environmental credentials.’

Because the installation is key to any project, I wanted to know what were his first impressions of Genius Hub? ‘Really really good’ he said ‘we are as enthusiastic now as we were when we first heard about it. It is actually easier to use that I expected to be fair!

The installation was faster and less disruptive than we were lead to believe, I closed the hotel as we were replacing the kitchen extractor system and I expected there to be more time spent in the rooms. This made it easier for the engineers which was nice for them, but in reality there was a lot less disruption that I thought and we easily could have kept the hotel open. The overall journey was good and they (Genius Hub) were really flexible about the install which has worked really well for us.’

Coming onto why have the installation as if it’s not all about the environment and the savings, I wanted to know what did they like about the system. Louise this time was in no uncertain terms adamant that ‘it solved the problem we had. Customer comfort is key and they now have more control of their own stay with the individual radiator valves in each or their rooms. It was a constant battle about turning the heating on if a guest complained about being cold. If I was not here then someone would have to go to the boiler control cabinet and turn it on, and they would inevitably have done the wrong thing. Pressing random buttons to try and make it work. We were also constantly having to replace cheep radiator valves and wasting money getting the right valves. The AA inspector was also really impressed when he was having his look around!’

Then it was time to speak with another member of the staff; Pete (the maintenance man) and he was really onboard, as he knows that the customers will have more comfort. He can also be confident in the temperatures in the rooms are rights if customers are not happy with the temperatures.

So after another wonderful meal and a revitalising walk along the coastline above the Driftwood Spars hotel it was great to see another customer enjoying using the system so much and taking advantage of the additional control they now had for their guests.

Thank you to our local Installers Mr Electric Cornwall for their hand in the installation and if you have not visited this little gem of a hotel on the North Cornwall coast yet, then be sure to drop in for a night, if not to taste their delicious catch of the day then at least to ask them about their new heating control.

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Take a look at other case studies and how our customers are saving 30% off their heating bills.

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Escape to the Driftwood Spars, nestled in the heart of the stunningly iconic Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes.
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Greyhound Coaching Inn





The Greyhound Coaching Inn in Lutterworth invested in a Genius Hub in Summer 2018. Last winter was their first winter controlling the temperatures in each room of their hotel from their computer at reception. This family-owned 18th century coaching inn is set in the heart of Lutterworth and has been sympathetically restored by Robert Eggleston to provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to all of the guests. The avenue between the two main buildings is a little oasis and a wonderful place to enjoy a pint after a days work or a bite to eat between visiting some of the local attractions.

Being a Grade II listed hotel it was difficult for Robert to make changes to it to save energy and improve the guest comfort. There are 33 en-suite bedrooms all decorated to a high standard and full of charm and individuality. This meant that there are lots of thick walls for the wireless signal to have to navigate through and this has not been a problem for the reliable mesh network that the Genius Hub uses.

As the project manager for this installation I revisited this hotel 6 months after the installation to listen to the feedback from the staff on how they found using the system and what the guests thought of it. This hotel has a mix of heating in the rooms from wet radiators, wet towel radiators, electric convection heaters and fan assisted radiators – there aren’t many other types of heating you can put into a building really! The Genius Hub had no problem controlling all of these and bringing together all of this control to the front desk.

Here are some of Robert’s responses to my questions on how the first winter has gone.

Why smart heating controls?
“The unique times we use the different rooms in the building and it’s a Cinderella of the business. The expectations are now much higher of guests than they were 10 years ago. The rooms were all stables in our stable block, the walls are 12 inches thick, so we struggle with the heating in that part of the building. It’s also difficult because the sprawling nature of the building, and there are even solid concrete floors too!”

“The Genius Hub sounded like a good idea and would fulfil a desperate need to get on top of a big problem of the expense of heating and the lack of control in the rooms. We have very powerful boilers and there was no control, just a programmer next to the boilers and a single wall mounted thermostat in various parts of the building. We had to have the whole system on for just one person. We were always concerned about the comfort of the guests. Often before Genius Hub was installed we would not want to have the whole heating on in the middle of winter, so we’d use portable electric heaters on a quiet Sunday night and this was all ad hoc. The electric portable heaters were always a concern for us too with them being a fire hazard.”

Why did you choose Genius Hub?
“The savings were never the main appeal, it was getting in control of the situation that we were not in control of. Using electric convection fan heaters was not good enough.”

Was there anything you were concerned about?
“Would it work for me in this hotel? I could have phoned up one of the existing customers but choose not to. I was also concerned about what the after sales service would be like with the support desk.

I can now say that YES it works really well in our hotel and the support desk has been brilliant, Especially April who has always been on hand if ever we had a question.”

How was the installation?
“Painless, the staff were not unduly bothered. There were no issues with the staff and we didn’t have to apologise to any of the guests, the whole system went in like a normal change over of the rooms.”

Would you recommend Genius Hub?
Yes – definitely. I think that most of the staff would too as they enjoy the control they now have of the rooms from reception!

The comments from the guests now are that the rooms are nice and warm where as we never used to get that before. It’s always warm when we walk into reception now whereas before it would be cold during the day. The boilers used to be turned off from 09:00 – 17:00, now they are being managed by the Genius Hub so they only come on when heat is really needed, now we can just leave it and we can forget about it, before we had to continuously turn the boilers on and off. Before, it was requiring so much effort to keep on top of it and a lot of management was required. I don’t have to buy any wood for the fires any more too and this is a big saving. We also are happy to report that the electric fan heaters are no longer being used!”

As a project manager, it is always a pleasure visiting hotels who’ve had the system installed as I find each time I go back the staff are always welcoming, friendly and pleased to tell me how well they have been getting on with the system. Despite some times having had the Genius Hub thrust upon them by the owners of the building it doesn’t take long for everyone to see the benefits and enjoy the savings.

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Take a look at other case studies and how our customers are saving 30% off their heating bills.

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The Greyhound Coaching Inn is a charming and traditional 18th Century coaching inn located in the South Leicestershire town of Lutterworth.
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Bossington Hall




Elevated high above the beautiful Vale of Porlock, Bossington Hall is an unusual property, where a beautiful and well-appointed stately home has been converted into very high-class self-catered accommodation with 15 guest rooms and 14 bathrooms. “The building pulls together modern comfort with 1920s elegance.”

Taking only exclusive-use bookings, the Hall has large public rooms as well as very generous bedrooms, making it a great venue for both family gatherings and corporate events alike. Owner Guy Dewdney purchased the Hall in 2016. He installed the Genius Hub in Spring 2017 to reduce the risk of guests leaving the heating on high all week, resulting in not only excessive costs but also the likelihood of unexpectedly running out of oil.

How did you hear about Genius Hub?
Bossington Hall actively researched their issue of lack of control and discussed it online with other owners of large homes. They found that their property was too large for the majority of domestic systems on the market, and yet they did not use enough fuel to warrant the expense of a large Building Energy Management System (BEMS).

They found that Genius Hub was recommended on forums including Money Savings Expert.

Why Genius Hub?
Genius Hub is unique – making it a market leader in what it can achieve. The system is designed to provide a solution even in the most complex buildings.

Working with the client at the design stage generates a comprehensive understanding of the building and the real requirements of the client. Genius Hub provides something that no other system offers: its USP is that all the historical data is recorded. Guy told us that, “With Genius Hub, you can see what it is actually doing”, adding, “The larger systems don’t seem to do the data recording at all!”

What were the main considerations before the purchase?
There were a number of factors considered.

Price was clearly one of them, but comparing the overall cost of other smaller systems, there was no great difference. Simplicity and speed of the installation process were important (it was installed in two days). Ease of use of the app was critical. Guy told us, “It is really good. All the stuff I need without the fluff.”

Bossington Hall wanted to make sure that communication and support would be clear and concise. They found from the outset that Genius Hub have highly trained support staff who understand the system. Guy also said, “A UK first response team was a real plus”.

What were your first impressions of the Genius Hub?

Genius Hub has been around for a long time and has established a good solid reputation. The knowledgeable staff, with a good understanding of the Genius Hub system, underpins this reputation. Guy told us that there are other companies which are either new to the market or do not offer the same level of expertise. He specified the system knowing that Genius Hub works well in buildings like his.

Guy said that he felt that, “The world of BEMS is very closed and you need to understand computer programming to be able to use it. The Genius Hub in comparison gives you more control and it is really easy to use.”

How much has Genius Hub cut their bills?
Having the historical data recorded means that Bossington Hall can evaluate the effectiveness of the Genius Hub at any given time.

At this stage, they report comfortable savings of 20% off their annual bill. However, Guy said, “More importantly, it’s not only the savings, but how guests comment about how warm the Hall is now, which was never the case before”. He believes he could be saving more, but this was as much about giving extra comfort to guests, as saving energy.

Have they benefited in any other way?
Bossington Hall enjoy receiving positive comments from guests about how nice it is to have individual controls in their rooms.

Guy told us he was concerned that guests would play with the controls and he initially watched the system “like a hawk” to see if the temperatures needed adjusting.

He can now see if the system is boosted by a guest but has discovered that, in the main, it is left alone. This suggests that he is getting the room temperatures near enough right from the start.

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The magnificent country house is totally surrounded by National Trust land, and is elevated above the beautiful Vale of Porlock.
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Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club

CM Golf Club Photo Caravan
CM Golf Club Lodge




Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club is found on the Shropshire and Worcestershire border. It has 27 holes split into three 9’s named the Deer Park, Badgers Sett and Foxes Run and is surrounded by scenic rural views. Founded in 1993 by Robert and Graham Pain and designed with Ray Baldwin, Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club is the perfect venue to host many events including the Worcestershire Open Pro AM and some of the biggest charity golf days in the West Midlands. The course continues to improve year on year, their website states it “provides just about everything to satisfy the modern day golfer, their families and their friends.”

The Clubhouse bears all the facilities that a traditional club has to offer including a bar, dining area and conservatory. Set in 200 acres of countryside with views of the Wyre Forest, the Wyre Suite Function Room can cater for Weddings, Exhibitions, Conferences and more. Additionally there are four 4 star self catering lodges available to rent that offer living and dining space with a comfortable, contemporary finish throughout.

The lodges sit next to the course and have views of the loch and course creating the perfect relaxing spot after a day of golf or visiting one of the many local attractions.

How did you hear about Genius Hub?
Genius Hub presented their zoned heating system at the Business Energy Efficiency Programme Conference in March this year.

Why smart heating controls?
The harsh winter that just past has cost considerably more than could have been expected for the golf club. A quarter of the usual annual spend was spent in one month. This cost left the company vulnerable. It led to them having the tank and boiler pressure tested as concerns arose that there may actually be a gas leak which was not the case.

One of the owners, Graham told us: “We thought that we’d get the rest of the year from the last fill of LPG and then it ended up only lasting a month!” They needed to keep guests happy but had no control in doing this.

Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club already have Biomass and other energy efficiency measures like solar thermal for the showers and increased insulation. They wanted to further improve their Green Credentials and decided that tackling the increased cost of the LPG was an opportunity to combine both.

Furthermore, the lodges are situated away from the main building and were either too hot or too cold. Staff would walk to the lodges to adjust the heating manually which itself is not efficient so adding state of the art zoned heating control ticked all of the boxes.

Was there anything to be concerned about?
Genius Hub offered the flexible control that Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club wanted and it was simple to use. Each of the 4 lodges is identical but they needed to control them individually and collectively. They thought that getting one system to cover all would be impossible.

“Businesses need to have control over their overheads” we were told by Graham, “this was difficult and the company feels that it is defenceless against the rising price of LPG.” Bing in a rural area they were limited to certain suppliers and were particularly vulnerable to getting deliveries of LPG in adverse weather conditions. 

Graham explains that “Freezing temperatures meant the delivery may not even arrive when we need it.” They needed to reduce the number of deliveries required to reduce this issue and become less susceptible to price hikes.

Why Genius Hub?
Graham told us, “he felt that Genius Hub was a technological system that offered all the flexibility we needed.” Genius Hub offered a room-by-room heating control with fixed wireless repeaters to ensure the connection is rock-solid and it is controlled by a simple app. Graham adds “Genius Hub were a local company with local installers and salesmen, which was important to us.”

What were your first impressions of the Genius Hub?
Installation of the Genius Hub system was completed within one or two days. It can be done as part of a normal room turn around causing no disruption to guests. Time and care is taken to carry out a free survey and to understand the needs and requirements of the business. The system is designed to provide a specifically tailored solution

Graham tells us, ”Installation was very smooth and well explained by the salesman.” he continues “We were only interested in someone who was willing to come by and see the buildings and survey them. Some other companies tried to quote over the phone and that simply wouldn’t work for are individual requirements.”

CM Golf Club Interior Bed

Can Genius Hub cut their bills?
Genius Hub can offer at least 30% energy savings, but it all depends how it’s used. Genius Hub can provide independent verification of these savings if required.

Have the lodges benefited in any other way?
The lodges have underfloor heating. As a result of guests not understanding it, they increase the temperature to max resulting in the lodge becoming overheated after a few hours, creating spikes in the temperature.

Windows would then be opened to cool the lodge back down. Graham said, “Now they can boost the system from the Genius Hub thermostat in the lodge and after 3 hours it will automatically go back to the settings that we set at reception.” 

Graham concludes, “this is so much better than what we had before, where all of that money that we’d spent on heating was far too often going straight out of the window!”

CM Golf Club Photo Caravan
CM Golf Club Interior

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A friendly approach to golf, Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club provides just about everything to satisfy the modern day golfer.
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Donington Park Farmhouse

Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel Front
Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel Front




Donington Park Farmhouse is found on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border between Castle Donington and Melbourne and is afforded stunning views of Breedon Hill and surrounding areas. The property has changed a great deal over its long history, spanning back more than 400 years. The original farmhouse has had numerous additions including an army building, built during the Second World War, that now hosts its stunning wedding breakfasts.

The first wedding was held at Donington Park in 1984, and the hotel pride themselves on being the favourite venue for weddings in the region. The staff are warm and friendly and all occasions are catered for. On offer to guests dining at the hotel, is a fine variety of own grown and locally sourced ingredients, including Venison from its own Deer farm and beef from its own farm. The hotel is very environmentally aware and in 2013 won a “Green Footprint” award being the Greenest Business in the district for its initiatives including Natural Reed-Bed Waste Management, Solar PV Panels, Biomass Heating System and conscientious recycling.

How did you hear about Genius Hub?
Genius Hub called as part of a local marketing campaign.

Why smart heating controls?
Having a Biomass Heating system already reduces the cost of heating and has had a positive effect on the environment. Installing a zoned heating control system improves both factors by reducing the amount of heat wasted and therefore reducing the volume of fuel needed to produce the heat. Guests are catered for with the ‘personal touch’ element that is particularly beneficial for wedding guests who generally check in earlier and use the rooms differently to the business guests.

Management of individual room temperature has been down to housekeeping manually turning down radiators, that is a hassle and time consuming on such a big site.

Was there anything to be concerned about?
Current owner, Jack Shields, tells us that their heating engineer Tom was concerned in the beginning that the site was “far too complicated to retrofit” the zoned heating controls because of the variety of wall mounted electric heaters, wet and electric underfloor heating and wet radiators. The payback period was also important. 

 Why Genius Hub?
The information and proposal received following the free survey together with case studies alleviated any initial concerns about the reliability of the Genius Hub system and the go ahead was given by the board. 

Adding a state of the art system is necessary to achieve further energy efficiency and improve guest experience. Genius Hub offered the room-by-room heating control that is controlled by a simple app.

What were their first impressions of Genius Hub?
The scope of the project led to what Jack referred to as a “tricky” installation because of having to freeze all of the radiators in the main hotel – no less than 42 in the main building, but, it got better each day and we are “very happy now we have the system in” says Jack.

He adds that Genius Hub are a “pleasure to work with” and have been “very communicative throughout the whole process”.

The system is monitored and controlled online, but Jack tells us he prefers using the app on his phone, as “it’s so easy to use”. 

He goes on to explain he was in London one afternoon and realised there was a small number of rooms in use at the hotel that evening, and he could “turn the rest of the rooms down from there” adding “it was great!”

Donnington Park Farmhouse Hotel

Can Genius Hub cut their bills?
Previously, rooms were heated all day, even though they were empty or left with heating off and guests then entering cold rooms.

Genius Hub also identifies and automatically shuts off the radiator when the window is open, this means that Genius Hub can offer at least 30% energy savings, but it all depends how it’s used – savings are higher when rooms are left empty for several hours.

Has the hotel benefitted in any other way?
Donington Park Farmhouse is at the forefront of energy efficiency and is a well-known wedding venue in and around the region, guest perception is very important. The ability to prepare a guests room specifically for them provides an enhanced level of customer service. Jack tells us that he is “very happy” with the system and working with Genius Hub. He is looking forward to receiving the guest reactions in the years to come.

Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel BED

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A small & beautiful Castle Donington hotel converted from an old farm, the perfect venue for meeting rooms and rustic weddings.
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Moxhull Hall

MH Front
MH Front



Moxhull Hall is a stunning Victorian property built by Howard Ryland, Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire and Lord of the Manor of Moxhull and Wishaw, after the old hall burned down. It was a private home until it was converted into a hotel in 1969. More recently, the current owner, Andreas Kalavanas, who took it over in 2004 and carried out a major refurbishment of the property that is complimented by eight acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. They proudly claim that a trip to Moxhull Hall is not complete without “taking a trip outside”.

Moxhull Hall is the perfect venue for events, conferences, overnight stays and more specifically weddings. The hotel prides itself on what it has to offer – Accommodation that is grand and modern; achieving contemporary interior design and gardens with charming features, providing a feast for the senses and fantastic photo opportunities to capture the special day both by day and night. The Moxhull team are welcoming and experienced and are focused on offering a friendly, personal service ensuring that needs are catered for, and guests leave feeling well looked after.

How did you hear about Genius Hub?
Hotel and Catering magazine ran an article about the Genius Hub system, which was very well written.

Why smart heating controls?
Improving and maintaining individual guest experience is of paramount importance. The problem was with the heating in the Courtyard and Cottages which are separated from the main hotel by about 200 metres. The rooms were either too hot or too cold.

Why Genius Hub?
Moxhull Hall wanted heating controls that could cater for the specific needs of guests. They didn’t want staff to continue with constantly adjusting the heating or housekeepers switching it off and then forgetting to switch it back on. Having done research and been aware of other systems the decision was taken to have the free survey from Genius Hub. 

The subsequent proposal and language of the article seen previously was consistent, and showed that it “clearly looked like it would do the job well” said Andreas.

Was there anything to be concerned about?
There were no concerns. When talking about the technical knowledge of the engineer, Andreas said it was obvious that Genius Hub “knew what they were talking about.” 

The consistency in what was advertised, proposed and installed leads to a view that Genius Hub were clearly “experts in the field of smart heating.”


What were their first impressions of Genius Hub?
Installation of the Genius Hub is quick, easy and causes no disruption as it was done as part of a normal room changeover. It creates its own wireless network. Fixed wireless repeaters ensure the connection is rock-solid. Trained installers fitted the system in two days and even went to the trouble of installing a new consumer unit in one of the buildings, “solving a different issue we had with the electrics.” Says Andreas.


Housekeepers no longer control the heating. This had been a big problem, as they would forget to turn it back on when they had finished cleaning a room. Even though the reception team can see the temperature of every room and it can be monitored remotely, Andreas tells us “I like how the system has run itself and I’ve not even had to log onto it.” 

Complaints about heating were normal prior to installation, guests would complain about the rooms being cold. Since the installation there have been none.

MH Bedroom Valve

Can Genius Hub cut their bills?
Moxhull Hall have a Biomass heating system and as such, cost saving was not the priority for them, however Andreas tells us that they would “definitely recommend” the Genius Hub system as costs are a “massive burden on any business.” Genius Hub can offer at least 30% energy savings, but it all depends how it is used – savings are higher when rooms are left empty for several hours.

Previously, rooms would have been heated all day, even though they were empty, or left with the heating off and guests were then entering cold rooms. The system also identifies and automatically shuts off the radiator when the window is open, thus not wasting heat out of an open window.

Has the hotel benefitted in any other way?
Moxhull Hall is already a high-end wedding venue, guest perception is very important. Wedding guests are in and out of the rooms all day and they check in earlier than business guests do. The Genius Hub system means they can manage the individual zones turning the heating on and improving the guest experience in specific rooms, and of course also helps to reduce costs. 

Guest’s perception is important at Moxhull Hall. Andreas tells us “guests really appreciate it when you spend money on something that you don’t really need to” he continues, “They really appreciate the small touches, so we have tried to add things to make them as comfortable as we can.”

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Take a look at other case studies and how our customers are saving 30% off their heating bills.

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This lovely Victorian mansion, is the perfect venue for hosting weddings, events, conferences or overnight stays.
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Custom House Hotel

Custom House Hotel




Custom House Hotel is in a great location overlooking the River Clyde in West Scotland. Suffering from many years of neglect, the hotel was formally known as The Bay Hotel and was purchased by the current co-owner John 18 months ago. After a successful regeneration project, costing in excess of £300,000, the new management team have brought it back to its former glory. The newly named Custom House Hotel has been renovated beyond recognition and now offers a great place to eat or sleep in Greenock.

Why smart heating controls?
Adding a state of the art system is a necessity to achieve energy efficiencies, improve the running costs and to achieve that ‘personal touch’ experience for the visitors and guests at the hotel.

 Why Genius Hub?

The Custom House Hotel wanted heating controls that could cut heating costs while keeping their clients warm – and didn’t want staff to constantly adjust it. Any system would need to control individual radiators in order to make any savings. 

Commercial BEM systems’ or ‘Commercial BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) with this functionality are available from a variety of manufacturers, but these are prohibitively expensive to purchase and install, and need trained staff to adjust their settings.

Genius Hub offers automatic room-by-room heating control at an affordable price, all-controllable through a simple app.

What were their first impressions of Genius Hub?
Installation of the Genius Hub is quick, easy and causes no disruption, because it creates it’s own wireless network. Fixed wireless repeaters ensure the connection is rock-solid.

Trained installers fit the system in one or two days. The hotel’s site manager John tells us: “We love to explain the system to our customers and how they can get just the right temperature in their room as well as knowing that we’re doing all that we can to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Can Genius Hub cut their bills?
Genius Hub can offer at least 30% energy savings, but it all depends how it’s used – savings are higher when rooms are left empty for several hours. So if the hotel is quieter, your energy bills will also be reduced.

Previously, rooms would have been heated all day, even though they were empty. The system also identifies and automatically shuts off the radiator when the window is open, thus not wasting heat.

Has the hotel benefitted in any other way?
John tells us: “This could have be done on its own however we did it as part of spending extensive amounts of money on improving the hotel.” He explains “things like double glazing and a new roof show investment into the property just like adding the state of the art technology that the Genius Hub system incorporates”

“In 5 years time the owners may want to sell the hotel and adding value is important which I feel we’ve done with the latest technology that Genius Hub have installed”. He stated that by “investing in Genius Hub that they have future proofed the Hotel”.

Have there been any problems with the Genius Hub?

Every business needs to keep a tight control of the financials and John tells us that it’s not easy to get three investors to make a decision on investment but “Genius Hub made it pretty easy.”

John tells us that: “we thought that we’d have to borrow the money” but discovered other options were available with the excellent variation of payment platforms offered by Genius Hub.

They all agreed that the Genius Hub was something that they would recommend.

Customer House Hotel Outside

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Take a look at other case studies and how our customers are saving 30% off their heating bills.

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Situated at the heart of Greenock’s history, we are located directly across from the 200 year old Custom House.
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Chiseldon House Hotel

Chiseldon House
Chiseldon House




Chiseldon House Hotel provides luxurious hospitality in a beautiful old Georgian country house. The building has been extended a number of times and now has 21 guest rooms as well as restaurant and meeting facilities. Before installing Genius Hub, the whole building was heated, wasting enormous amounts of energy on heating empty rooms. We interviewed partners John and Mark to discover how Genius Hub has helped them cut their energy bills significantly while improving comfort for their guests.

How did you control your heating before?
“In Winter, the heating was turned on in the whole hotel, even for just for one guest. Before we had Genius Hub, radiator valves were constantly being adjusted and staff would reset them to 3 after checkout. We were heating a lot of empty rooms.”

Why did you choose the Genius system?
“Genius Hub was the only system that had the level of control that we were interested in. Plus, it’s a great value. With Genius Hub, we had a product that offered far more than the competition, at about a quarter of the cost of other commercial systems. What was most important to us was the ability to be able to control everything from the reception desk, and to quickly respond to an individual guest’s request.”

“In those days, Genius Hub was a relatively new player in the market, and they were clearly developing the product and continually improving it. We saw that as a real advantage because we were keen to get the care and attention that you often get from smaller companies.” 

“This is important to a business of our size. We are pleased to say that the service has stayed excellent, even though they have grown significantly since then.”

How do you use Genius Hub?
“Bedroom heating is controlled directly from the reception desk. This is really convenient because we can just switch the heating on and off as we check guests in and out of the booking system. When reception sells a room, they can turn the rooms on for the guests using the PC. We also always keep an extra room warm for unscheduled arrivals. The ability to control each room’s heating from the reception desk is a huge benefit for us. In particular, Genius Hub allows staff to be responsive to guests who request a change in temperature in their room. Before Genius Hub, someone would go upstairs to adjust the heating, now it is done from the reception desk with a click of a button.”

“However, we found that guests may not notice temperature changing by a couple of degrees so we learned to temporarily ‘boost’ a room for 60 minutes before returning to a more sensible temperature. The customers are always happy with that! We are also learning to manage temperatures throughout the hotel. For example, guests are more satisfied when the corridors are slightly cooler; the bedrooms feel warmer by comparison. It’s great that we can just set a schedule and Genius Hub does the rest. We also look at the temperature readings from the room sensors, so we can easily spot if there’s a problem with the radiator, without having to wait for a complaint to find out. We are selling our hotel on the quality of service and Genius Hub pushes it up a notch.” 

Do you have any difficulties with the Genius Hub?
“The only real issue has been our internet connection. When it goes down, Genius Hub just sticks to whatever schedule we’ve set it to. If we want to change it, for example, to switch on a room, we have to run to the room, which isn’t as convenient. We’re getting a tablet with WiFi to put at reception, which will connect directly to Genius Hub even if we don’t have internet access, which will be a good solution. To be honest, our only regret is that we don’t yet have every part of the hotel controlled by Genius Hub. However, Genius Hub has developed and we are extending the system throughout the whole property. Genius Hub gives us so much control over the guest rooms and we will be pleased to extend that experience to the entire hotel.”

Has Genius Hub cut your energy bills?
“Effectively it has because our occupancy and the unit cost of energy have both gone up dramatically, but our heating costs have stayed the same. We have definitely got a two-year payback on the total cost of the system, including installation.”

“What’s even more important is that we now have a far more acceptable level of heating throughout the building, and can be responsive to customers. For us, the comfort of our guests comes first, and Genius Hub has definitely improved this.”

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Take a look at other case studies and how our customers are saving 30% off their heating bills.

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An award winning country house hotel set in the stunning Marlborough Downs in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.