Underfloor Wiring Centre



For systems with multiple zones of wet underfloor heating. The Underfloor Wiring Centre brings all the electrics together to make the installation and control of the under floor heating safe and simple.

This wiring centre can control up to 8 separate heating zones and up to 16 actuators. The Underfloor Wiring Centre provides two volt-free relays for controlling a circulation pump and a boiler. The relays are activated when one or more zones require heat.

Genius Electric Switches also need to be purchased with this wiring centre and each Electric Switch controls one heating zone. For each heating zone you will also need either a Genius Room Sensor or Genius Room Thermostat to wirelessly measure the temperature in that zone. The Electric Switches wire next to the wiring centre, providing a wireless solution for the rooms.

Alternatively, a Powered Room Thermostat can be used per zone, without need for any other devices in the room. These are mains-powered thermostats, which wire from the rooms back to the wiring centre. However these can work with a floor limiting probe, which is necessary for some floor coverings.

One Underfloor Wiring Centre is required per manifold of underfloor heating. For use with 230v actuators only.

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Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 31 × 11 × 5.5 cm